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Supporting information about the above product. If visitors are reading this, the above the heading caught their attention. Use a few technical terms and list a few benefits that will draw them in further.

A concise, compelling sentence describing your product

Now that you’ve gotten your visitor’s attention, tell them more about your product. Expand on the title above to include more detail that would make a relevant audience keep reading.

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Briefly present the problem your product solves or the pain it addresses. Try to avoid using rhetorical questions and instead use simple and direct wording. After a short description, an easy-to-scan bullet list of features / benefits is a good idea:

  • A benefit which a typical customer will expect
  • A benefit which is unique to your product
  • A reason to purchase your product if you have a specific requirement

Looking at competing products is a good way to see how similar products are described. You can also browse through our marketplace's most popular products for some great examples.

Code products should show code examples

from my_product import aweome_api

my_parameters = [1, 2, 3]

if my_parameters:

Lastly, wrap up your case for your product and encourage visitors to dive into more details below.

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You can fit any kind of information inside this block - documentation, usage instructions, and more.

  • Perfect map library. Good documentation. Brilliant work. Fair price. Good license. Fits our purposes.

    EK Erwin Koller
  • This product is very good. I need to know if there is a development environment for designing maps

    J jopachaso
  • Very nice tool. It is a litte bit tricky to generate your own map. But with an exiting SVG its no problem ;-) We use this tool to link to local news in our distribution area. Good Work

    AS Alexander Schmitt


  • Feature One

    Here, you can highlight a feature with a few short, but descriptive sentences.
  • Rename This Section

    Of course, you can change the name of this section from “Features” to something else that suits your needs.
  • Feature Three

    If you really need more than a sentence or two to describe your feature, that's okay. You can use as much space as you like, just keep in mind that you don't want to bombard users with text. Keeping things brief will hold their attention.
  • Feature Four

    What makes your product stand out from others like it? Tell visitors here.
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  • Time-Saving

    Tell visitors how your product will help them.

    One benefit visitors might care about is how your product will save them time. Better yet, talk about something that’s unique to your product.

  • Cost Effective

    Highlight how your product is cost effective compared to their current flows or competing solutions.

    Your product could be cost-effective because it saves time or because it costs less than the competition. If it's more expensive, talk about how it's worth more, instead.

  • Add / Delete Benefits

    The format of each benefit is a Heading3 followed by paragraph text. You can format it however you like.

    Add another one of these benefits by hitting enter at the very end of the text. To get rid of a benefit, remove its text and header, then hit delete.